Amnis Water Technology Ltd. is a progressive firm in Hungary producting several plants for water treatment for domestic and industrial usage.

We produce water softeners, ammonia, arsenic, iron, manganese and nitrate removals.

Membrane separation plants
For reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration
Polymer and ceramic membranes

We deal with many types of water treatment materials, too.

Some of them:


It is a very effective special material to remove iron, manganese and arsenic from drinking water. It dos not need any  oxydant, only the free active chlorine in the water must be between 0,1-0,3mg/l. It is a very economical material for these purposes.

Iron removing and straining materials:

·         Assorted, washed and dried gravel and sand from sea origin.

·         Hidroantracite in several grain sizes

Manganese removing materials:

·         Greensand plus

·         Pyrolox and other products of manganese dioxide

·         Birm

Ammonia removals:

·         Activated- carbon

·         Crystal Right for uptaking ammonia from water

Arsenic removals:

·         Active iron-hidroxide

We also deal with UV lamps for water sterilisation. So we can provide solutions for every problem of drinking or waste water for our customers.

Our specialized knowledge and observations we have got for more then 12 years make us able to scheme the best technology for our customers’ problems.

You can contact us :

Dr. Károly Révész
Ph.D chemist
managing director

Amnis Water Technology Ltd.

H-7694 Hosszúhetény, Fő u. 147/1.


Tel./fax: +3672490 733

Mob: +3670318 5611